We offer a broad range of consulting and advisory services in Transportation Planning, Engineering and Management Industries. At Future of Transport we understand the importance of a comprehensive approach that enables our clients to plan meaningfully and adequately for transport and mobility. We pride ourselves on using the latest software and keeping up to date with cutting edge developments on mobility internationally.

  • Traffic and Transport Engineering:

    Every time a new development, whether residential or commercial, is planned or an existing one is upgraded or new transport infrastructure and facility is planned – it has an impact on the surrounding community, the flow of traffic and overall mobility in an area. FOT specializes in assisting developers with traffic observations, determining capacity requirements and facilitating the smooth flow of people and goods, so that the development is able to enhance community and the local economy.

  • Transportation Planning:

    Future of Transport can assist your organization whether it is regional, city, provincial, national or continental to undertake strategic transportation system planning. Combining latest trends this strategic discipline takes a multi-modal approach. We pride ourselves on combining up to date population dynamics, socio-economic and environmental issues and trends in assisting you to produce a plan that can be implemented. As an action-oriented consultancy we are keen to design plans that move from paper to coming to fruition in communities. This informs our realistic and practical approach as we work with our clients to improve the quality of life of their stakeholders.

  • Strategic Planning and Development in the Transport Industry:

    Our competency includes the ability to advise on long-term, strategic planning and policy development, with the benefit of insights gained from relevant stakeholders in the transport sector.

  • Leadership Co-Ordination and Project Management:

    The team at FOT has the requisite skills to assist our clients with translating strategic vision into implementable projects. We can assist you to manage the implementation of your plans so that they are managed within budget, on-time and in an inclusive fashion.

  • Transport Management and Consulting

    Our professional expertise and experience is applied to assist transport companies and public transport operating entities to develop or review their management plans and resource the management teams with relevant skills and in compliance with governance requirements. Our access to international professional and corporate role players across the globe ensure that our clients receive relevant and optimal management advice with regard to the management of services and corporate governance matters.

  • Broad based Facilitation and Business Transformation

    As a South African based company we are acutely aware of the transformational aspects regarding moving informal transport operators into a corporatized environment. We can assist public transport operators and companies to develop practical approach towards transformation objectives. As the transport industry grapples with broad based black economic empowerment, our practical facilitation skills can assist existing and established transport operators to collaborate and partner with emerging operators in the interest of an overall improvement in the public transport offering.

  • Geographic Information and Transport Information Systems:

    Using our specialized software we can provide you with intelligent maps and up to date information resources so that together with our clients we can develop transport information systems that provide quality information to the user. Elements like prices, routes, interchanges are important to facilitate a modal shift from private car to public transport and to enhance the commuter experience.