How is the Taxi Negotiation Forum structured?

To manage the many tasks, the TNF has divided its work to be managed by sub-committees. Each sub-committee is chaired by a convenor who is a member of the TNF.

The TNF sub-committees are:

1) Data Collection, Operations and Market Share:
The role of this sub-committee is to ensure that all potentially affected operators submit accurate data that can ensure their best interests are represented in the project. Market share refers to the percentage of shares that various individuals / associations / operators will have in the final bus operating company. They are also responsible to study the routes proposed by the municipality and ensure that all information for taxi members using those routes is compiled. This committee also focuses on what the municipality will require of the company that runs the operations.

  • Convenor: Dr Sekano G.H    Boitekong and Meriting Taxi Association (BAMTA)
  • Members:  
    Mrs Robinson-Modiba E –  Mamerotse Monakato Jabula Zinniavile Taxi Association (MAMOJAZI)
    Mr Montsho SM – Bafokeng Taxi Owners Association (BTOA)
    Mr Mogapi MJ – Tlhabane Taxi Owners Association Trust (TTOAT)
    Mr F S Sibanda

2) Infrastructure:
The role of this sub-committee is to monitor the roll out of infrastructure on the project. It also aims to ensure that during construction phase disruption to taxi operations is minimised. The committee also organises tours to inspect in loco progress on infrastructure roll out.

  • Convenor: Mr P M Sibanda
  • Members:
    Mr Makgale AR    Kanana Rankunyane Makukama Taxi Association (KARAMATA)
    Mr Tshoma J    Northern Scholar Transport Operative Association (NOSTOA)
    Mr Sefora MN    Mamerotse Monakato Jabula Zinniavile Taxi Association (MAMOJAZI)
    Mr Mabale M    Bafokeng Taxi Owners Association (BTOA)

3) Marketing and Value Chain:
The role of this committee is to manage the marketing and communications from a taxi industry perspective. Value Chain refers to opportunities for skills transfer, education, employment and economic opportunities beyond the negotiated bus operating contract.

  • Convenor: Mr Sebego SH
  • Members:
    Mr Thoboke AS    Rustenburg Local and Long Distance Taxi Association (RULLDTA)
    Mr Mmokwa AS    Bojanala Kopano Taxi Association (BOKTA)
    Mr Skhosana

4) Bus Operating Company & Bus Procurement:
The role of this committee is to oversee and advise on the financing of the buses as well as the procuring of the buses which will belong to the yet to be formed bus operating company. The structure and form of the bus operating company is the responsibility of this committee.

  • Convenor: Mr Mogau CM    Kanana Rankunyane Makukama Taxi Association (KARAMATA)
  • Members:
    Mr Segaole DR    Bojanala Kopano Taxi Association (BOKTA)
    Mr Motloung JJ    Boitekong and Meriting Taxi Association    (BAMTA)
    Mr Phiri NJ    Tlhabane Taxi Owners Association Trust (TTOAT)
    Mr Sibanda S    Northern Scholar Transport Operative Association (NOSTOA)