FOT CONSULTING: Working with taxi entrepreneurs

FOT CONSULTING: Working with taxi entrepreneurs and emerging bus operators to grow sustainable businesses

In 2009,FOT Consulting assisted over 300 pioneering members of Johannesburg Taxi Industry to form Piotrans PTY Ltd. This 100% taxi owned company became the bus operating company to run Africa’s first Bus Rapid Transit System – Rea Vaya.

Piotrans has been successfully operating along the Rea Vaya Phase 1A routes despite many challenges. When the taxi operators decided to replace the minibus-taxi operations with this formal and long-term bus operating contract, their idea had always been to pursue other formal business opportunities and expand their interests within the public transport and related industries.

FOT Consulting was approached in 2014 by the Piotrans shareholders to assist them in the business organization and planning to prepare themselves to engage in relevant business opportunities. With guidance and mentoring from FOT they formed TOIC Holdings (Pty) LTD. The company is currently pursuing a number of exciting business opportunities in a well-thought through and structured approach, which could see it go from strength to strength whilst establishing a solid business structure in the years to come.