FOT Consulting in Istanbul

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) and Istanbul Electricity, Tramway and Tunnel Directorate (IETT) have invited FOT Consulting for a week of sharing sessions in relation to the FOT experience in transforming traditional public transport operators into formalized and business entities in the public transport industry in South Africa.

The IETT is basically the key public transport authority in Istanbul and responsible for operations of most of the transport modes including the privately owned buses and minibus-taxis. There are over fifteen public transport modes in Istanbul using road, rail and sea lines and carrying in excess of 10 million passengers daily. Despite this extensive public transport system and extraordinary transport infrastructure, the City has been having increasing traffic congestion, the second most congested City in Europe following even worse conditions in Moscow.

The IETT objective is to regularize further the privately owned modes and optimize and integrate their operations.

FOT Consulting is proud to be recognized for their role in the public transport transformation in South Africa. The information sharing session may lead to more significant rile of the company in Turkey assisting the authorities in Istanbul and other cities in Turkey in their transformation objectives and efforts.

FOT Consulting has also been invited to the City of Kayseri as part of this trip to also present their experience and expertise.