FOT is defined by unconventional approaches, a track-record of delivering what others deem impossible & a multi-disciplinary team  who bring the highest levels of skill, integrity & passion to the work we produce. We use cutting edge technology, innovative approaches & solutions.
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At FOT we understand Transport in the context of development, economic growth, environmental issues and quality of life.
We see Transport as an integral part of daily life in communities and design solutions by adapting global best practice to local conditions.
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If your department / company has not been using FOT for your transport related tasks then you are missing out on innovation that puts you in the position to implement solutions for mobility.
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Current trends indicate that more people will choose to use private motorized transport leading to a staggering 6.2 billion private motorized trips every day in cities of the world. If the world fails to change its mobility habits, the future of our planet looks decidedly bleak. By 2025, worldwide transport-related greenhouse gas emissions will be 30% higher than 2005 levels.
Transport energy bills will also sky-rocket and higher levels of energy consumption could pose a threat to global energy security.Traffic congestion will bring cities worldwide to a standstill. Most alarmingly, half a million people will be
killed in road traffic accidents every year.

“Future of Urban Mobility” – January 2014.

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